All Natural Dog Treats


Made of Ingredients You can Pronounce

What makes 4legz dog treats different?

  • • Made from ingredients you can pronounce—all natural and good for your dog!
  • • Our company helps deaf, hard of hearing, autistic and other various differently abled while making the best dog treats in the US. LEARN HOW & WHY.
  • • Based in the Pacific Northwest, we are proud to be American-made!

Introducing Happy Tails

Our friends and partner, Happy Tails has been family owned and operated since 1954.

We are NOW selling their bones on our website! Click on Happy Tails on the menu bar.

Read all about them...

We have grown with our community, supporting local sports teams, schools, fundraisers and rotary. We are also dog owners and our dogs are an integral part of our family.

Our business thrives by addressing and answering the needs and concerns of pet owners. By creating a raw premium dog food with USDA Grade A Beef and a full line of smoked & raw bones and treats, we help dogs live happier, healthier lives.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA, manufactured locally by Western Meats in Tumwater, WA.  Check ,em out :)

Corona Virus Response

Hey all,

We are taking and fulfilling orders, performing service, and providing support.  We will continue to support you to the fullest extent during this crisis. 

Keeping You Safe

We’ve always been about keeping you safe. This includes stuff we’ve always done, such as manufacturing in our own facility with a small, close-knit team, using local farms and suppliers, as well as maintaining a clean, human grade production environment.

But we’re doing even more more now:

  • Additional 100% wipedown of all equipment with sanitary measures on packing 
  • Additional sanitation throughout all production facilities, including wipedown of all production equipment

    Read more: Corona Virus Response

Gift Box - Free Shipping
Gift Box - Free Shipping

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For the Love of Dogs
For the Love of Dogs

All proceeds are donated to pet rescues!

Peanut Butter / Molasses
Peanut Butter / Molasses "Kitty Roca"

Wanna give your dog a big smooch with *no* reservations???


USDA Organic Pumpkin Puree
Sized for Smaller Breeds

Molasses Ginger Snap
Molasses Ginger Snap "Dognutz"

Smells so Good!
Pull the Dog Over!